Fundraising Opportunities

EARN money for our school while you work and SHOP! Money raised will help retire the Phase 2 Preschool construction debt and fund classroom expenses for all grades.

First, check with human resources at your business to see if they will match any gifts you make. This simple request can equal, double or triple your own tax-deductible contributions!

Second, ask if your company has marketing dollars to invest in our school as a classroom or sports sponsor.

Third, check your company’s website to see if they offer support through a foundation. If so, please contact Todd Lake at: so he can prepare a proposal.

Now, while you shop throughout the year, please remember the following companies’ offers, that return a portion of the dollars you spend with them.


Our school earns credits equal to 5% of your qualifying school supply purchases. This means free supplies for our classrooms. You can credit the school year-round! Every time you shop at Office Depot, remember to use our school ID# 70092134.


Receive a Publix Partners shopper’s card from the  upper school office. When you grocery shop, simply swipe the card at checkout. The amount of your purchase will be added to the school’s account. When the total in the account reaches $2,000, Lighthouse will receive a check for 2% of purchases.

Purchase a pre-loaded Kroger gift card from the school for $5.00. When you shop at Kroger, load the card with the additional amount needed to pay for your groceries and use the gift card to checkout. The school will then put 2% in credits on your account and the school will receive 2%.


Kroger has two additional programs.

Electronically collect 1 point for each participating Labels for Education® product using your shopper card at participating retailers. You can clip and redeem UPCs to earn the face value of the Labels for Education points, so it’s easier than ever to earn more for our school.





1. Register and Create your profile, enter your shopper card number from a participating retailer, and then select the school(s) you would like to support. Sign up now .

2.   Shop, Swipe, Earn
Each participating product that you purchase from your favorite participating retailer will earn 1 point that will be credited to your school’s Labels for Education account automatically.

3.    Redeem
Your school can redeem points for FREE educational merchandise! *UPCs with face values higher than 1 point will be counted only as 1 point with the eLabels for Education program. Remember, eLabels for Education supplements the regular Labels for Education program,so you can still clip and redeem participating product UPCs to earn the face value of the Labels for Education points. box tops for education logoEarning money for your school is as easy as

Earning money for your school is as easy asbox tops for education logo



Register your shopper's card to get Bonus Box Tops offers, and you'll receive 5 BONUS BOX TOPS just for registering.  (50¢ value to school)
Create a customized shopping list with your
Bonus Box Tops offers
and favorite Box Tops for Education products.
  Shop! Purchase products that qualify for BONUS BOX TOPS using your shopper’s card, and your designated school will receive the Bonus Box Tops you earn automatically