Spiritual Life

At Lighthouse Christian School the spiritual life of our students is very important. We strive that all may know the Lord and develop a personal relationship with Him. Students are provided the opportunity each week to participate in chapel services lead by teachers and principals of the school as well as pastors of Lighthouse Hope Fellowship and other area churches.

Spiritual retreats are provided for students in grades 4-12. The 4th-6th grade students visit the Bill Rice Ranch each year, in August, for a back to school revival time. The 7th-12th grade students have their own time to refresh and reflect at their retreat during September. In January of each year the Middle School and High School students participate in the 2nd semester Back to School Revival lead by members of their classes, alumni, as well as pastors and friends. Each year many students develop a personal relationship with the Lord during this special event.

The senior class takes part, each year, in a spring mission trip to other parts of the world. Some of their recent mission trips include Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, and Jamaica in which students help build houses and other structures, and also to provide vacation Bible school for area students.

Each class participates in various community and international mission opportunities such as working with a local food pantry, The Branch, adopting a child from World Vision, offering baked sales to provide donations to The Nashville Rescue Mission, and many more.

Students also have regular interactions with the church leadership and pastoral staff to help with their spiritual development. Bible classes are held daily for all elementary students and incorporated into each academic area of study.